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Seven Tips to Optimize your Blog

You are consistently posting on your blogs, but you are not ranking well on search engines. The fact that you don’t know why even makes it more frustrating. Could it be that your website is not SEO optimized? You must have tried different options but with little success. Understanding SEO tips will help your blog to perform better on search engines. Let’s get started with the following top SEO tips for blogs.

Optimize Keywords

Perhaps, the essential part of your SEO campaign is optimizing the ideal keywords. Keywords are very important and should be considered as among the many gateways to on page SEO. Nonetheless, to maximize the correct keywords, you must comprehend the keywords that are relevant to your articles. You need to carry out thorough research before writing and utilize your findings as the basis for your writing.

Use Keywords Selectively

Using keywords severally is an old technique. Include keywords naturally in your content if you want search engines to rank your blog better. Always remember that you are writing for your guests and not computers.

Make your Blog Mobile Friendly

It is true that a huge fraction of the population today is using mobile phones to access the internet than computers. Smartphones will continue to be on the scene. For this reason, you should try to make a mobile version of your blog for your guests. Most bloggers are not aware that search engines rank blogs based on their mobile friendliness.

Optimize Images

Another overlooked way to boost your blog ranking in search engine results is optimizing the images that you utilize. Even if you use only three images make sure that you optimize them for the best SEO results. Before uploading an image, switch the file name with a keyword that is linked to your content.

Include Keyword in URL

Most people often overlook one segment of their blog content which is the URL. The majority of bloggers don’t pay much attention to it and thus fail to enjoy the fruits of blog writing. Mentioning the keywords you are focusing on in your blogs URL is something that you should never forget because it will determine how search engines and users view your blog.

Include a Call to Action

Each website, your blog included, should have a call to action phrase where visitors don’t have to scroll down to view it. In most cases, calls to actions are images and thus optimizing them as mentioned earlier will do more good than harm to your blog.

Add Heading Tags

Your content should have a heading tag that includes the primary keyword which should align with the title as well as the URL. Your heading tags should be placed at the top of the page so that its the first thing readers land their eyes on when they access your blog.

If you don’t understand SEO don’t try to attempt implementing the tips as discussed above. Instead, leave the work to the SEO professionals because they comprehend what do to and the strategies that will work for your case.